Volume 2: Think like A Millionaire Or Billionaire

Think like A Millionaire Or Billionaire
The way you think determines the wealth you attract. Wealth is a way of thought. Millionaires think different from average people. And that is just what sets them apart. Your thinking shapes your money reality. You attract what you think. Your mind has the ability to bring to pass what it believes to be true. Every reality that exists today was once a thought, a simple idea.
When you begin to develop wealthy thoughts, you can be sure of attracting uncommon wealth in your life.
Millionaires think in terms of abundance not scarcity. We live in an abundant world. A world that is full of unlimited resources and finance. All the wealth you need in the world exists within your disposal. Everything you need is within your reach.
Millionaires think of ownership, not renting. The pride of ownership cannot be denied. The human spirit is always craving for freedom and control. Ownership gives you freedom. Ownership puts you in control. People don’t want to be controlled; people want to be in control. Our educational system is doing us a big disservice by teaching our children only to work for others. We are never told that we can have businesses of our own. People grow along what they hear. It is about time that we hear voices and messages of empowerment that preach freedom and ownership. One way or the other, whether the educational system does not change, we will be forced to break away from the old-pattern of thinking that believes more in limitation than freedom. Our minds need to be free – free from all manner of limitation.
Millionaires think in terms of opportunity, never impossibilities. Opportunities are endless. Opportunities for wealth and prosperity are available to all those who are willing to pursue them. Opportunities never cease – and never will. Wealth is creating through tapping the unrealized opportunities. Millionaires are visionary; they see the unseen and envision possibilities and opportunities when they are most invisible. See things with your mind, not eyes.
Millionaires think in terms of adding uncommon value. The hardest way to make money is to think about it without doing anything at all. Money comes from value. You will attract wealth that is equivalent to the value you add. When you add uncommon value, you will attract uncommon wealth. Whatever the products or services you provide, think in terms of increasing your value exponentially.


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