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I Bakare Kazeem Opeyemi was born in November 20th 1989 in an Hospital called LOSI CLINIC in my Home town (Ode-Remo, Ogun-State, Nigeria) into the humble family of Bakares, which is a Polygamous family.

I grew up with my Dad and Mum until after a while that My Dad and My Mum began a long time FIGHTS and QUARRELS because of religion matters and polygamous issues.

My Father (Mr Muili Ayodele Bakare) is from a Muslim background while My Mother (Mrs Adejoke Mary Bakare nee Adekoya) is from a Christian Background, that was what causes fight between my Parents at the initial stage. So as a result of this, I had to move to stayed out of my father’s house to stay with my Grandmother who lives in the same Town with us, She lives in Oke-Ola, Ode-Remo, Ogun-State, Nigeria.

However, I started my Educational life with a Woman called IYA-BUSAYO who owns a Lesson school for Kids in my Home town then, the name of the lesson is called LESSON-KUTI.

And after a while I moved from there to Wesley School Ode-Remo for my Primary school session, and I left Wesley school at Primary five (5) due to the long-term strike that occurs then in the Year 1997 to 1998, so I was later taken to Solid-Rock Foundation school by my Mother in the Year 1998, in which I graduated from there in the Year 2000, to my surprise, I happened to be the FIRST and only Graduates of that school in that year 2000, because the school is still new, I was lucky to be the First Graduate of the school, and this was also due to the fact that I was very brilliant then, not until now that I am married and my wife and children are now dividing and multiply my braveness, but irrespective of that, “a Lion will still be a lion”, so I am still brilliant more than what a Man can expect.

mr. K O Bakare

In the year 2000, I got an admission into JUDAH RHEMA COLLEGE in Ipara-Remo, Ogun-State, Nigeria for my secondary school Programme, in which I graduated in the year 2006.

I started staying with my Grandma in the Year 2000, till Year 2006 when I then got admission into the University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.

My Mother is a Soap maker and also Fufu producer, I started selling Fufu with my Mum after school time every day except on Sundays. I started assisting my Mother with the Fufu business, My Mother is the producer and I’m the seller, this started when I was at the age of 9 years in the Year 1998.

After a while, I started assisting my Grandma in selling Bread in addition to my Mum’s Fufu business. I do carry fufu to sell every day after my School hour which is from 6pm till 11pm every day excluding Sundays at Iperu remo, Ogun State, some 28 Kilometers away from my Home Town, and on Saturday I do carry out Soap to sell in the morning, the name of the Soap is called LOLA SOAP and I do assist my Grandma to carry her Bread for sell within our Community on every Saturday Morning.

However, I’m a person of dignity and respect and humble fellow, I’ve chosen to be an Entrepreneur since my teenage time, and I’ve chosen to be a PHILANTHROPIST, PIONEER and PATRIOTIC through-out my Life time.

In the beginning of my Business career in the Year 2002 when I was in JSS 2 at Judah Rhema College, as young as I was then, I was at the age of 13years then, that was when I bought a Game called BRICK-GAME, I struggle to gathered money and bought this Game and brought the Game to school and I started renting the game for my Friends to play at the rate of #5 (naira) for each Game session that they played, I was able to gather money up to #500 (naira) with this Game Business and decided to open a Bank Account at the age of 13 years, i opened the Bank Account with that #500 (naira), the name of the Bank is called COMMUNITY BANK in Ipara Remo, Ogun State, but now known as MICRO-FINANCE BANK.

This Game Business really expanded my brain and pushed me into the Business World, until after a while that many of my friends started the Business and started buying different Games, in which I couldn’t make money on it again, I later decided to quit the Business after One Year (1) that was Year 2003. And after a while my mother was very sick and was admitted in the Hospital for many months, I was forced to call my Father who abandoned us since when I was at Primary four (4)in the Year 1997, My Father had abandoned us since 1997, I was then forced to call him that my mum is sick, he didn’t even care, and he never show up, he said doesn’t have time, even when my younger sister (Funke) was also sick and we called the attention of my Father, He made a statement that “I go nowhere” I fell in tears that day and I look at Heaven and I started crying, infact I almost loosed my education because there was no money until when I then went to go and meet one of my Father’s Step Brother whose name is Alhaji Owokanmilo, he was the one that assisted me in paying my School fees for many months between my JSS3 to SSS1, before he then withdraw himself from paying my fees anymore because he said my father is alive and he also has his own Children to cater for which I didn’t blame, he has tried his best, and my mother put more strength to her work and my mother continue paying the fees onward which about #12,000 (naira) as at then per term, and we have three terms in a year. Meanwhile, I’m still assisting my mother in selling the Fufu every day after my school time, I’ve been doing that since 1998, I was at the age of 9years then. I was doing all these until Year 2006 when I was about to write my WEST AFRICA EXAMINATION COUNCIL (WAEC) that was when I stopped the Fufu Business and all, and my Two Sisters (Bakare Bukunola and Bakare Oluwafunke) took over from where I stopped to start the selling of the Fufu at Iperu Remo.

In the Year 2005 before I finished my WAEC in the Year 2006, I then joined one of friend who thought me how to repair Phones, His name is Godwin Anthony Alias as PAPA, who is like a Brother to me in the Community of Oke Ola, Ode Remo. He thought me how to repair Mobile phones (called handset then), so I then started like play like play, repairing People’s Mobile phone, during that time of my repairing People’s Phones, I faced a lot challenges and problems since I started repairing phones in the year 2005, but through who strengthened and still strengthening I was able to overcome, So a year later, that was Year 2006 I gathered some money and opened a PHONE-CALLS BUSINESS which I was at the age of 17 Years then, I open this Business in front of my Grandmother’s house in Oke-Ola, I was still busy with my WAEC then and NECO, so I employed someone which I put there at the CALL-CENTRE BUSINESS in that Year 2006, until after 2 to 3months that the CALL-CENTRE BUSINESS closes down due to hatred in the Community, some People in the Community were not happy seeing a Young Boy progressing, so I had to start borrowing money to start the Business again and again and it keep failing which I later got to know that its spiritual, so ended up closing down the Business and I had to auctioned out all the equipment.

However, immediately I completed my WAEC in that Year 2006, I then ran away to Lagos-State in Ikorodu area for few months for Greener Pasture and my Mother was worried and depressed, until after a while that I later return back home to Ode-Remo.

After my return to Ode-Remo, there was a Man Called DENNIS ABEDEEN HASSAN alia (Bro Dennis) He’s well educated and talented and also a gifted fellow who I learnt a lot from him, infact He happened to be my first MENTOR in life, because there was no one to mentor me as a Father, so I lack that Fatherly mentor, My mother can only perform her part as the Mother and she also tried her best to act on the father Position, but this man called Bro Dennis was my First ever Mentor who I learnt 37% of my doings from.

So after my return from Lagos in the Year 2006, I got closer to him as a Brother not until after some month that he connected me to a Brother who is brought up by him in the past Years, this Brother was also brought up by this Man called DENNIS ABEDEEN, He connected me to this Brother whose name is called DAYO BAMIGBOYE alias as H20, His alias is called H20 meaning (Water) as water don’t have enemy as he do says.

The Brother Dayo called H20 assisted me with my Admission into the University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. He took me to University of Ado-Ekiti in the Year 2006 for admission processing, though a lot of negative things happened between Bro Dennis and I during this period of admission process which was financial fight and all, but I was able to overcome by God’s grace. It was when I arrive Ado Ekiti that many things was now reveal to me which I almost loosed the admission but I kept strong and keep praying and pushing and I had to sell many things in order to secure the admission, but Glory be to God. But all these I couldn’t tell my Mother, I had to face all the challenges myself and God helped me.

Further to this, I later arrived back to my Home town in Ode-Remo from Ado-Ekiti in the early year 2007, when I arrived back my mother was happy to see his son being admitted into University because I came back with an Admission letter and I have also done some registration and all, and we have started Lecture also.

Meanwhile at my period of the admission process in that Year 2006 at Ado-Ekiti, i dreamt of opening a small Business, so on my returning back to school in that Year 2007, my mother had done some monthly savings that she kept, so she gave me all the money which was #45,000 (naira) then, I was given the money when I was leaving home back to school, now instead of back to school Ado Ekiti, I went to Lagos to buy mobile phones and laptop which I took them to Campus at Ado-Ekiti to sell, this is the way I started the Business again there, and I was able to do that Business through-out my University period for Four (4) Years, buying and reselling phones, laptop, and repairing of phones, this is what I used to sustain myself, with the helped and financial supports of my Room Mates as at then (Tunde Bamigboye, Kayode Ayorinde, Niyi Bamigboye, Kayode Adebayo, and ofcourse Bro Dayo called water who is our elder Brother).

Meanwhile, at the University of Ado-Ekiti, I studied Business-Administration as a part time programme (B.Sc.) from Year 2006 to Year 2010 and studied Business-Education as my full time programme (B-Ed.Hons)in the year 2007 to Year 2011.

At the same University of Ado-Ekiti, I also joined some Philosophy students to attend Lecture for more than 2year, in order for me to have more Knowledge Philosophically and to understand the nature and life entirely, in which I was able to attended many training & seminars and I did several researches on PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE and NATURE, my aim then was to know “Why Life was based on Principle and what is life all about” that was why I go into that Philosophy programme though it wasn’t admitted to me officially but I was able to gain all what I needed to achieve in that Programme.

At my University period from the Year 2006 to Year 2011, I enter into various Business during those period, and that was when I dreamt of the name KGLOBAL VENTURES, and in Business which I was doing then I do use KGlobal Ventures as the Business Name, though it was not officially registered then because there was no financial support, but in my mind I named it KTECHNOLOGY, before I later got the inspiration to name it KGLOBAL VENTURES in that Year 2007.

After all my Educational Programmes at UNIVERSITY OF ADO-EKITI, I then return back home and decided to travel out of the Country to attain international experiences and to establish and expand myself as my dream says, and most especially for Greener Pasture, that was why I travelled to South Africa in the year 2011 May 22, I arrived in Johannesburg on 23rd of May 2011, and got to Cape Town on 24th of May 2011.

Getting to Cape Town South Africa in May 2011, things were not going well for me as planned, I struggled and struggled and struggled, but I never give up, I still keep pushing my dreams and praying, I face a lot of challenges while in South Africa, I faced a lot problems, I became slave after a while, I first stated leaving at Celestial Church in Eyethu, Cape Town for about eight (8) months, which I met ‘Olusho Idowu’, ‘Mama Tee’ as we do call her, and ‘Mr Folaranmi Olushola Samuel’ these are the People looked after me all through that period both in health and finances while I was living inside this church, I never attend Celestial Church in my life, as I am a Christ Apostolic Church Member from teenage, but unfortunately due to the circumstances at that time and there was no shelter I had to just join them in Celestial Church in that Year 2011 and I was helping them in church to clean the church, cook, and all necessary things that needed to be done in church because I was leaving inside the church together with some people who is also leaving in the church, until after a while that crisis and conflicts arise in the church between the Shepherd and some Elders in church, so everyone had to Leave the environment to find his way, this Woman Mama Tee was the person that accommodated me in her own room that she is renting three (3) killometers away from the church and I was with her for a some months before I then left to find my way further in the year 2012.

During this Period in Year 2007 after I left the Church I was arrested by South Africa Police twice, in different sections of my struggling, the 3rd time that I was arrested, I was locked up by Police for Nine (9) days in prison, until after Nine (9) days that I was then released. During this period I was Leaving in an area called Mandalay in Cape Town, this old Woman just favoured me and told me to be leaving the Room at the back on the house, and he said I can be paying any amount that I have every month, and then I was also teaching all her Grand Children afternoon lesson till night, just to show appreciation to her. I didn’t have job, I was only sleeping and walking up, going out every morning and when I hear someone speaking Nigeria Language, be it igbo or Yoruba, I will go to that person and begged for money, so every morning I was always out on the street, from one street to another to beg for money, I also usually enter train without paying, infact how I do this was that when I am close to the train station I will look for any Newspaper around, either old or new, I will be reading this till I get to the boarding gate and the official will ask me for my train ticket and I won’t even respond to them, I will do as if I didn’t hear, I will just focus on that paper reading, so the official at the Boarding gate usually thinks may be I’m a Manager of a Company because I have only two Suits then which I brought from Nigeria, so I usually put on Suit whenever I am going to Town just to package myself, so the Officials does thought the Newspaper had taken a way my attention, so they don’t bother to disturb me, immediately I got inside the train I had to just keep the Newspaper which when I get to Cape Town city centre, I will have to use the same style to check out of the gate, this is how I was doing many times, but not every day, I usually change the stations so that they don’t noticed me, so i goes to town to submit cv, that is what I usually goes to do in town and walk around all street, and when I see anyone speaking Nigeria language I will approach the person and begged for money, some gives and some did rejected me, this how I had been leaving to pay my rents and feeding, I was only eaten 5 loaf of Bread every morning only with hot water and that is what I will sustain with till the following morning before my next meal, I was also doing some fasting and prayer in between those days, I don’t eat at night, so as to save food, for complete two (2) months I was eaten only bread and hot water every morning because it was the cheapest food I can afford as at then.

After a short period, I got a dream telling me to continue my Business, so I later gather money from what people are giving me, so I started buying phones on Gumtree and resell again, buying second hand laptops from a Man called Mr. Ronald Nsereko and reselling to People in Mandalay area where I was staying then, until when Armed Robbers attacked me several times, but God saved me, then I decided to stopped the Business, then the little money that I gathered, I managed to pay my House rent of R700 (rands), and the remaining R300 that remain in my hand, I thought of entering into FRUITS BUSINESS, I went out to buy BANANA and APPLE, So I started selling the Banana and apple at Mandalay trains station, and also in the trains, I do woke-up as early as 3am everyday to prepare myself for the day trading, I do return back home around 8pm daily, I was selling the Banana and Apple inside the Trains from one Train to the other, I did this Business for several months all through that Year 2012, until when I got tired of the Business, no more sales, there was too much competitors and I have no financial support, and the worst part as at then was that, if I buy the park of Banana for R90 (rands) it’s about 100 quantity inside it, so some I sold for R1 and some are for R2, so at the end of each day I will only able to sell may be 94 quantity out of the 100, so before the evening time, the banana and the apple will have changed it colour to black due to people pressing them too much, so I will end up eaten the left out Banana and the apple, because if I had to keep them till tomorrow, it will totally loosed its value and no one will buy, so for many time I stopped buying bread, I was eaten the left out Banana and Apple everyday as my Food every night, so I don’t eat in the morning only in the night, so after a while that everything was collapsing then I stopped the Business.

However I ruined into lost in that Business of Selling Banana and Apple in order to survive, so I later stopped, then I couldn’t afford to pay rent, I later packed out of the House to another cheap house in an area called Gugulethu in also Cape Town, getting there I started my Phone Business again, and I then met a Sister called Sister Faith who is attending Healing Centre Ministry Church, she was my neighbor, so he took me to their church and started following her to her church every Sunday and some mid-week programmes in the church, infact I happened to be the only Foreign Nationals in that Church, and many of the Members likes me a lot and the Pastor also likes me and I was welcomed by them all, so later on Sister Faith and her Friend called Sister Grace narrated my stories to the Pastor and the pastor whose name is Pastor Theo, He then called me and spoke to me, and he then usually buy food stuffs every Sunday and Him and his Wife will drive to my house to give me, and at times on Sunday the Pastor will give me R20 as pocket money and I was saving these money also, so since then I had been eaten good food because I am getting food stuffs for free by the Pastor, and Sister Faith also do cook and gives me at times, so I was very happy then, infact that was when I was able be buying airtime on y phone to be calling my family at Home in Nigeria then, for many months before then I have no phone, it had been sold, so my family at home had been worried because for many months they were unable to reach me, infact some even thought may be I am dead, but all Glory be to God Almighty,

So from all the money I was able to gather then I started buying phones and selling phones, until after a while that I struggled to buy on Big Phone (BLACKBERRY Bold 5) just to save money and to tie money down that was why I bought the phone and it was also cheap price, and I used this Phone for some months, and doing all these Hard-time of mine, there is one thing which I never relent in doing, I never relent from going to Church, during those hard time of mine, is stilled manage myself to go to Church every Sunday and also I do attend some weekly programmes if I’m chanced.

Moreover, during those period of my suffering and struggling, there is something which is part of me, I may not eat in the morning before leaving Home, but that doesn’t stopped me from putting on my Suit, as at then, I only had two (2) Suits, despite the fact that I’m suffering and encountering difficulties I still clean my suits and put on any of the two Suits, though of them had fade away, but I keep ironing every time to look new, even for those 3 times that I was arrested by police, I was still on Suit.

So at the long run, People in my Church start telling me different Dreams that they saw me putting on Suit and carrying bag and going to office and coming back home, then I asked them a question that which Suit? Is it these present Suits that I’m putting on or another, they laughed me and replied me by saying is not this Suit, that it’s a nice Suit, but anyway I accepted the dream and I claimed it and thanked them for the dream.

When I got Home I went on my knees and pray to God, and in the night when I slept, I saw the same dream, so when I woke-up, I took my bath dress up as usual and went to Cape Town, in which I later spoke to a Friend of mine called Anthony Ikechukwu Okonkwo we usually call him Tony who is Director of DGSA now, I spoke to him about office that I want to rent office and start Business and he took me to the Agent of the Building for the office that I needed, which was 85 St Georges Mall, that was the building, so they gave me the price of the office and showed me the office in February 2013. I cherished the office but I have no money to pay for the office, I then return back home and pray to God, but nothing yet, no miracle for the money, then my mind tells me to sell my phone, immediately I sold my Blackberry phone at the rate of R2,500.

Then I went straight to meet the Agent of the building and paid for the office, I paid R2,000, I told her that I will pay the rest soon, so I went up and down to use the rest money to get Furnitures to put in the office, I carried my laptop which I bought since many month before then, it’s an old HP Laptop, so I took this Laptop to the office the second day and I started operating, sometimes if I don’t have money to transport myself Home, I will then sleep in the office and woke-up early the second day to quickly wash my face in the bathroom before my fellow Office mate will start arriving, by 5am I was already clean up my face and brush my air and clean the table and be on my seat as if I just arrived, at times for good three (4) days I was sleeping in the office without going home and without taking bath.

I did these for several times just to save money, at times no sales throughout the day, at times no food throughout the day, but I focused and kept pushing it, I later got my Business officially registered as a Company (KGLOBAL VENTURES PTY LTD) as Private Liability Company in April 2013. I still kept pushing it, pushing it and praying hard to God for more promotion and expansion of the Business. I was helping people who want to apply for Loan to fill their application online and I helped them to submit their documents to different online Loan Company, so the client will pay me R300 after approval, so I met with a Loan Company called CBT international and I was working for them as agent, sending clients to them, so I was doing advertisement online to market and get clients and when I get clients, I will get their documents and forward to CBT for processing and if the application is approved then CBT will pay me agent fee of 300 and if the application is declined, then nothing will be paid to me. Out of 200 applications, may be three (3) will be approved. And after a while I started helping people to arrange Documentations which I was doing this at Hussein Shop, I met Hussien in Year 2012 when I was looking for Job and looking for who to help me out with my Permit because I am then illegal in the country, so someone took me to One Mr Eric and from Mr Eric office I met Mr Francis Ayidu who also assisted me to look for security job, he usually gives me money and infact he took me to his house to sleep there, it was this Mr Francis Ayidu who was also giving me little money to survive in some months in year 2012, and also food, He has always be there for me, and also took me to do Security Job which I did but after a month I got sacked and I loosed the Job, in even in the Year 2011 also Mr Folaranmi Samuel also helped me to get Waiters Job in their hotel called WESIN HOTEL, I did it for two (2) months before I was sacked, i was also assisted to get a Security Job in ‘Pick n Pay’ in Gugulethu which Mr Folaranmi helped me with the Certificates and I worked there and after a month the contract was closed.

So it was Mr Francis Ayidu who took me to Hussein and introduce me as His Brother so since then if anyone need any Documents to print or scan or email or fax or anything related to Cyber café, I usually do goes to Husssien to do it and he gives me discount price, so I was doing all these to survive and to be able to pay the office rent, even at a time the Agent of the building came to pack my things outside the office because I didn’t pay rent, until I have to go and begged and my Friend Tony went along with me to the agent to beg before the office was open, so this is how I went on engaging in many Business in order to survive, But as at today, I give Glory to God for the expansion of my Company and Businesses, I became the CEO & MANAGING DIRECTOR of My Company in the Year 2013 at my early stage with Two Staffs member, before they I moved to another bigger office and I employed more staffs which I was having Three (3) staffs Member, and by Year 2014, I moved to a Full floor office in 8th Floor of the building, which I then started a Call Centre Project which I was having Fourty Seven (47) Staffs in Total.

My Father had abandoned My Mother and I since 1997 which include my Two Sisters, since the Year 1997 when I was 8Years of Age, my Father had never look on us, instead he was using his money to take Girl Friends, from Black Lady to Green Lady, to Purple Lady, infact after while she married another third wife which ran away with his money in Lagos, and after a while she marry another person again, and yet she keeps carrying girlfriends all around, and he neglected My Mother and I and my Sisters, but I give God be the Glory in the Journey of My Life and Family.

I am happy to share these stories of my Life Journey with you all, it is encourage everyone out there, there is no impossibility, you just have to be focused and determined.

I am happily married to my Dear Wife: (Omobolanle Bidemi Bakare) the daughter of Chief Soga Ajulo, along with this, I am also blessed with two beautiful Siblings: (Bakare Bukunola & Bakare Oluwafunke) and I also have Extended Brothers and Sisters: (Bro Dare Popoola, Bro Femi Popoola, Sis Biola, Funmilola).


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