Volume 9: Business Research and factors

Business Research and Factors
Research is a laborious and hard work in reality and it requires great patience and control. Research requires rigorousness to maintain its quality. There can be several factors that can affect the quality and the outcome of the research, the researcher should have a control over these factors. Some factors will affect the research positively while other factors can negatively affect the research. Negative factors can decrease the validity of the research, so these factors should be kept in control by the researcher.

For example in a study conducted on the effect of humidity on the tensile strength of viscose fabrics the researcher has to test the performance of the fabric under great humidity, less humidity and under standard humidity. The humidity will be kept in control by the researcher to get valid and generalizable results. In another study the researcher has to study the effect of socioeconomic class on the performance of children in school, the researcher will see that no other factors are influencing the performance of the children. There can be many other factors like parenting style, peer group influence or siblings rivalry that is effecting the performance of the child but the researcher should have a strict control over these extraneous factors.

Another very important and basic characteristic of a research is that it should have to be controlled or measured. Everything that you add in a research is preplanned and cannot happen just by chance. The first step in conducting a research is choosing a research topic, from that step till the end, writing the research the researcher should keep control over the research study. He should measure the consequences of each step that he has planned to take prior to taking it.

A researcher is conducting a research on the effect of permanent press finishes on hte durability characteristics of fabrics. In this research the researcher should accurately measure the effectof permanent press finishes and there should not be any other finishes on the fabric.

Accuracy is important because without accuracy the research cannot be valid and generalizable. In every step of the research the researcher has to check the accuracy. When the researcher is reviewing literature he should write down the references along with the literature review so that when writing those reviews he can accurately write the reference of each review. While testing the hypothesis the researcher should write down the results of the tests accurately so that there is no error. In research the researcher should leave no chances of error by himself. He should ensure the accuracy of his research to 100 percent.

Suppose a researcher is conducting a research on the impact of physical disabilities in children on the peer group acceptance. The researcher is using interview as a tool of data collection the researcher should record the responses of the interviewees accurately and he should not invest bias in any way.

A research should have to be free of ambiguities and it should have great clarity. Clarity is one of the main essences of research and without clarity the research is useless.

A researcher should be cautious about the clarity of the research. The researcher should first develop a clear research question or research problem and once the research problem is clear and understandable the researcher can conduct the research without hurdles. Suppose the researcher makes the research problem that how media influences child development, in this research question the researcher needs to clarify which development, social, mental, physical or motor. The researcher cannot undertake the study unless he brings clarity to the research problem.

As a researcher you do not need to add a lot to the research to make it unique or interesting rather you should add only relevant and original content. The readers will be able to understand a concise research more easily, there should not be unnecessary details in the research.

The researcher can write details and lots of explanations but these details and explanations should be of value to the research the researcher should not add unnecessary details in the research. The research is more concise in nature than dissertations and thesis.

Validity is the most important concern in writing and conducting a research. The actual strength of the research is its validity. A valid research is applicable to various situations in general or it can be applied to any specific situation, people or society.

The constructs you are using, to measure attitudes, behavior or other phenomenon, whether they really measure what you want to measure or they measure something else.

The data the researcher adds in the research should have to be verifiable and provable. The researcher should be able to demonstrate the research and there should not be any loopholes in the information.

The researcher should know from where the data has been taken and how it has been analyzed. Suppose another researcher is trying to repeat similar study to make it more valid he should be able to get information from the previous research, if previous research will be invalid or unverifiable the new research will also get affected. Research is an ongoing process and not only research helps in the general development of the humanity but it more specifically is used by the new researchers to generate more information.

The research should have to be conducted and written in a logical manner. The researcher should follow a sequence so that he cannot get troubled in the end as to how to compile this research. It is better if you start writing the research as you are conducting it.

You cannot write the analysis before writing about the data collection and data processing. You have to follow a procedure and sequence.

Preciseness means that the research should have completeness and it should contain detailed investigation of the research topic.

The research should contain exact answers to the research questions. It is not possible that the researcher formulates a specific research question about women injustice in underdeveloped countries but answers the question about more general topic like gender biases.

The research should contain only original content and copy work should be completely avoided. You can add literature from other sources in various forms like in the form of literature review but you should never compromise on the originality of the research.

Suppose a researcher is conducting a research on the impact of financial resources in family on the personality development of children. The researcher has decided to take black negroes population and he cannot get the required number of sample, in this case, he cannot use other people’s findings to justify his research. He has to use truly original data that has been collected from truly representative sample.

Coherence is necessary because it makes the research a complete and one unit. Every part of the research should be so linked that it makes a whole.

The researcher should stick to one theme and should not wander from one topic to another.

Academic style of writing
Writing a research is the last step of the research and writing requires rigorousness. The researcher should follow an academic style of writing and any ostentatiousness in writing should be avoided. The language of the research should have to be simple and easy to understand.

A research , thesis or dissertation should have decency and there should have to be least ornamentation. The purpose of the research is to bring into light facts and figures. The researcher should avoid the use of double baralled sentences, complex language or unnecessary details. The research should have to be concise and precise in nature.

The research findings should be generalizable and the findings should be applicable to the society in one way or other. Sometimes the purpose of the research is to develop new research tools, techniques or data collection instruments. Such research may not be useful for the society in general but in the long run researchers will be able to use these tools or techniques to conduct more researches.

The researcher is conducting a study on the life of transgender class in the society. He has to collect data from different people who belong to this class, the researcher should understand that he cannot generalize his findings until he has selected an unbiased and truly representative sample. He cannot select a sample from one area of the population rather he should select sample from every area of the population to make it representative of the whole population.
Let me conclude the research method by these three factors as a Researcher you have to:

  • Choose what's most important.
  • Tap others' expertise. Your dissertation committee is a valuable resource when you're refining your research methods, says Marcus Patterson
  • Remember that the dissertation is not a life's work: When choosing research methods, consider how long the project will take to complete, says Saiger. "And however long you think it's going to take, multiply that by three," he adds. Often, he says, the best advice is to keep it simple.
Instead, experts say, consider a less time-intensive but equally valuable project-a study that takes place at one point in time, for example, rather than a longitudinal one-on a related subject.

"For your dissertation, you want to do something that's reasonable, and that has a relationship to what you want to study in the future," Patterson says. "Your dissertation should set you up for future research."


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